Marcello Silvestri

Growth hacker, web developer and digital marketing consultant

Born in 1991, I live in London and have helped businesses succeed online for over 15 years.

I am a straightforward person who works with a data-driven approach and a unique method.

But I'm also...

A traveller

I move around all the time and enjoy discovering different cultures.

A reader

I am an avid reader of fantasy and personal growth books.

A polyglot

I love languages and speak, among them, Italian, English and Japanese.

A gamer

I am passionate about video games, in all their forms.

I work with companies that are not looking for services, but for a journey to embark on with trusted people to guide them to success.

Silvestri Consulting was born out of my ambition to build genuine collaborations that go beyond a transaction, focusing on a growth that is sustainable and shared.

I hope you'll give me the opportunity to show you that in a market overwhelmed by agencies focused only on selling services, there are still people who believe in a truly customer-centric vision.

I look forward to meeting you,